Partners In Recovery was organized in 1988 for the purpose of Assessment, Education, Treatment, and Referrals for Families affected by a loved one’s addiction as well as Mental Health issues. We’ve offered nurturing and caring therapeutic services to Individuals, Couples, Families and Children since 1988. Partners In Recovery is a California Non-profit corporation, providing care at competitive rates, including fee-for-service, insurance reimbursement, and sliding fee scale rates. Licensed professionals and Registered Interns provide access to motivated individuals and families seeking therapy, counseling, assessments and guidance in treatment. Partners In Recovery provided the New Visions Treatment Program for Teen and Family Recovery, Families In Recovery Retreats, “Coming 2”: a dramatic recovery presentation for students in Jr. High and High School, Women’s Empowerment Program, Women’s Support Groups, Basketball scholarships for foster youth, “Welcome Baby” program for new parents, and several “child/family focused” projects in the San Gabriel Valley, since 1988

“Our family played together, ate
together and found that we really liked
one another, thank you for this experience”
(family at Recovery Retreat)


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