Partners accepts three year grant from GUSD

We are pleased that year one is almost complete.  Through a small grant we have been able to provide 70 plus per month therapy hours to the Middle Schools and GHS since December, 2012 through the summer of 2013, as well as 10 plus hours of supervision for this program!  Melissa Lamoureux, MS,  Marriage and Family Therapist Intern (pre-licensed) and Jameela Ahmed, MS, Marriage and Family Therapist Intern (pre-licensed) have been providing counseling support this school term to school age pre-adolescents and adolescents.

People ask about being an “Intern” and what’s the difference between a Licensed Therapist and “Intern”.  I prefer to use the word Pre-licensed; these folks have gone through an intense Master’s Program in Marriage and Family Therapy, as well as working in Practicums and Internships prior to and after receiving their Master’s Degree.  They have been honing their skills and come with a variety of interventions and theories to help clients Increase Communication in Interpersonal Relationships, as well as working with Teens and children to reduce anger outbursts and learn social skills.  They are well versed in Marital and Pre-Martial work, as well as Family interaction. It’s during this pre-licensed period that Interns gain their 3000 hours to sit for the exams by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences, under the consistent Supervision of a Licensed Therapist.

Licensed Therapists have passed both BBS exams, and have been in practice from 3-35 years and provide guidance, mentoring, and expert Supervision skills to assist them to provide the best possible Clinical Care to their clients. Through the years I’ve been in Private Practice, I’ve also been honored to serve as Clinical Supervisor- for Businesses, Residential Treatment Centers, Psychiatric Settings and School Based Mental Health Programs.  All therapists utilize Continuing Education to keep abreast of changes in the field, Theories of creating change, Holistic and Medical Model practices to keep current in an ever changing field.

We look forward to our next two years while under this grant to provide services to GUSD.

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